In the sky, JOHN LAUNOIS from France met YUKIKO from Japan, traveling on an Air France Constellation above the clouds. After a forbidden romance and a wedding in Japan, they dared to begin anew and make a home across the oceans in New York City, where CHRIS PAN LAUNOIS was born, to live in “the new world, le nouveau monde,” and per chance to dream. From dreams, forged by camaraderie and the wild non-conformity of love, liberty and rebellion against injustice, emerged the rock and roll band Pan, otherwise known as The Pan, born to make the music; to dare to live upon the mysterious path of the intrepid troubadour, then from the ruins;

“Ride. Ride. Through the maze of madness and the magic time.. Scale the cliffs of gladness. Drink the holy wine. Ride. Ride. Dig the graves of dreams and dream anew. And release this fear. And release this fear as the dream comes through. Ride Ride. Through the deepest mountain and the highest plane, feel the breath of kindness and the winds of change. Ride Ride. Ride along the chaos and enjoy the view, and amuse ours souls till the dawn breaks through.” -“With You” by The Pan